Wednesday, January 15, 2014



I think I've played every bar in this land
Roadside dive,county fair grandstand
From the dance floor they see me stand
Telling my stories with guitar in hand
Last call,new girl with the same old plan
Take me home and tell me her story
She says I'll understand

Stories,yeah,they're all the same
Only the names are different and the faces change
I'll be gone tomorrow and here she'll remain
Remembering the verse, smiling at the refrain

They want my help,advice I have in wealth
But I can save no one not even myself
Another bar,another night but its all the same
Changing only the faces and sometimes the name

She wanted to change the world
I wanted to change her mind
She had to stay,couldn't leave it behind
I had the road,
The minstrel's life can be unkind
That which you seek 
is rarely what you find 
Truth is never for the meek
And I say mine in rhymes
Another ride and the daily grind
But I haven't heard all the stories
And they haven't heard mine