Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Same

The Same

Walking in shadows,surrounded by memories
Lost in just
Tell me
Is this real or is this all perceived?
Am I awake, am I just a dream?

Out from the shadows,
night breezes caressing my skin
Where to begin ------
I don't belong there,I don't belong here
Neither Heaven or Hell are as each were said to be
Must I remain in between, tell me seer
What is to be your answer be it bold
As friends become fiends who by turns smile and leer
Immersed in the light but I remain cold
My fortune laid out, destinies foretold

Hell,why do I ask you?
You with hands white knuckled upon the wheel
Trying hard to keep that even keel
O mighty Captain without the nerve to steer
Alone to face all that you fear

Oh and that face in the mirror
Never again to be clearer
Tell me what you see
Congratulations, You are the same as me