Friday, May 3, 2013

Where Madness Reigns

Where Madness Reigns

Firelight make shadow monsters along my walls
Each flickering flame a dancing menace
Circling armies of demons start and stall
In ritualistic ardor without premise
Why are they not hidden from sight
That haunt even waking hours in play
Fools will say its but a trick of light
Though spoken in company and then from day

Speak you now or leave me in peace
Silent mockery the only reply
Round and round the dance repeats
Darting and dashing in feats most sly
Me in the middle a fowl for the feast
I must outlast this night or die

Weary I grow but dare not sleep
For continue I must to feed this fire
From its flames I think at bay they keep
Or believe my fate will be that most dire

How long this night before dawn does break
My thoughts they reel from the strain
To sleep now means not to wake
In this world from which only madness can reign