Monday, May 6, 2013

Nebulous Warnings

Nebulous Warnings
From atop the vantage point of the speakers stone
A lone traveler appears to hold court
Then a tale unfolds and by words alone
The mighty are humbled and the hunter become sport

Hear me now the seeker of fortunes
Subscriber of means to an end
From the backs of others you reach for bargains
But from lost humility the mighty descend

From taking of all that it is that you want
No matter the payer of price
Drawing from all as from a font
The depleted discarded and left to their own device

Vampire in truth not of jest but made flesh
Not of blood on that which you feed
Though still denying at last breath until death
Destroyer of others in the end no relief

None to look after you in times of distress
Without shelter from sun or the rain
Surrounded by the ruins of all your success
Look around O' mighty one,only you remain