Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Warning-TheMinstrel

The Warning
I am an all encompassing flame
Eyes alight,fleeing from all embrace
Born of fire,flamed by desire and left to a smoldering trace
Know me now and feel a life of loves mistakes

I am the laughing water under the moonlight
A dark angel cast from the sky
Giving life or dealing death,raging or in stillness lie
Know me now and float upon my eyes

I am of the earth beneath your feet
Build mighty works upon my brow
But treat me kindly or dire straights meet
Split like waves before the ships prow
Know me now and in hearts keep

I am the sky whom beneath all are tiny
Seemingly of nothing i am the epitome of might
Strong enough to carve mountains who defy me
Yet gentle enough to sustain a feather in touch so light

Know us now and bend of knee
Nature you've named us and to rule our right
Working together or before us flee
Respect us always or be removed from sight