Friday, March 22, 2013

Here's To You

Here’s To You times i struggle

to find reasoning in things that be
how they are.....the whys......

The intellectual in me 

he knows....

With a weary heart he knows

Things are rarely how we wish them to be
People are rarely who we think they are
And there are some things you just cannot change  
Accept that fact and move along
He raises a toast to the worthy adversary
“There’s one for you,maybe it’ll be better for me next time”

The Madman in me

He knows....

Bruised in body and soul

Eyes black and lips bloodied
He raises not a glass
But a one-fingered salute
Raging  skyward to an unknown god
and to an uncaring world
Here’s to you all
Battered i  am,broken I am not 
Dazed yet defiant still
I stand