Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Same-Lyrics-TheMadMinstrel

In moments of silence i walked through a doorway
surrounded by madness and the sadness pertained

i touched upon solace and felt of the magic
the wonder and beauty that its healing contained
then life  lost all meaning and joy left a  sorrow
hope left to borrow till nothing remains
it all taste the same

And I feel the rain
as it washes over mountains
no one's to blame
if we all are life's causalities
then it means the same

And I feel the strain
Of a time everlasting
though speckled with shame
till only memories sustain
and its always the same

wander in vain
searching in shadows
for some light  to remain
the burden to claim
isnt what matters
if shared weakness refrains
and its just tragedy or a comedy for the insane

 lost just the same

while lashed to  minions
you slaughtered the demons
its hard to find elation
when they're your own creation
and though its just the same
I still remain